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Welcome to Sian’s Cooking.
If this is your first visit you’re in for a wonderful treat. Take a couple minutes to browse around and see all the tasty treats that await you.  If you’ve been here before you might notice that we’ve made a few changes.  The biggest and most awesome change is that we have introduced a subscription plan.

In case you’re wondering, what is Sian’s Cooking?
We are a Caribbean food service organization operated by award- winning Chef and cookbook Author, Sian Rose.  Click here to find out more about Sian and Sian’s Cooking.

“JOIN THE CLUB” for $5 or less per month and get unrestricted access to dozens of authentic Caribbean recipes, special offers, freebies and exclusive content. Our 3-tier membership also offers a FREE Bronze membership which gives you unlimited access to some recipes and loads of other great stuff.

Along with dozens of authentic Caribbean recipes, you’ll find loads of hints and useful cooking tips that will come in handy no matter what you’re cooking.  Check out my personal foodventures titled  “Cooking With Chef Sian”  A dozen or so of these short food stories, complete with recipes appeared as a weekly column in the Miami Times in early 2016. But that’s not all. Be sure to check out our online shop where you will find cookbooks, magazines, seasonings and other items created or recommended by Sian.