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Even a holiday grinch like myself gets seduced by the flavors and aromas of baking cakes, and stewing meats and roasting birds. Included in this collection are some of your favorite Caribbean holiday recipes some authentic, some inspired.
All your favorite Caribbean holiday recipes all in one place. Whether you’re a  Jamaican who needs a healthy helping of Mannish Water or a Guyanese who can’t get by without your Pepperpot.  We all need our  Black Cake and Sorrel at Christmastime. And I have the recipes right here just for you.  Filled with authentic flavor, each recipe is complete with easy to follow step-by-step instruction. Some even include a  short how- to video.  

Glass of sorrel over ice

Jamaican Sorrel “Hibiscus” Drink Recipe

In Jamaica, Trinidad and throughout the English-speaking Caribbean sorrel is served religiously at Christmastime. To make Jamaican sorrel drink, steep sorrel petals with copious amounts of ginger in hot water for several hours. Aromatic spices such as orange peel or cloves are often added but are not required. The sorrel drink is then sweetened with lots

Jamaican Sorrel “Hibiscus” Drink Recipe Read More »

Caribbean ‘Jamaican’ Black Cake Recipe

It’s a Cultural Thing Caribbean black cake is decadently rich, very spirited and highly addictive. If you know anything much at all about English Caribbean cuisine you already know that Black Cake is our official Christmas Cake. It can also be found at most other Caribbean celebrations, year round. Even though this rich treat can be

Caribbean ‘Jamaican’ Black Cake Recipe Read More »

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