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Originally started as a way to share my Miami Times column ‘Cooking With Chef Sian’  with my blog followers, the posts in this section is a chronicle of my various ongoing foodventures.

Cooking With Chef Sian: Savouring The Flavors Jamaica

To some a night out savoring the flavors of Jamaica at the prestigious James Beard House  in New York could be considered downright patriotic. Driving 300 miles round trip for dinner might seem a tad extreme to others.  For this Caribbean Chef/ Writer attending such a unique event at this American culinary institution seemed almost like a […]

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Cooking With Chef Sian: Pass The Dutchie

“Pass The Dutchie” For a country gal like myself those words are more than just the title to a catchy reggae tune. They are words to live by.  Countless times I have heard and said  ‘pass the dutchie’ while on a quest to whip up something or another. As of this writing I own 5 […]

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Cooking With Chef Sian: Cutting It Up

A Dicey Matter If you have ever seen a recipe and wondered, what the difference was between chopped and diced you should read this. The way you cut your foods before final preparation not only affects the final appearance of the dish. It can also have a great deal of impact on quantities used and […]

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Cooking With Chef Sian: The Heat Is On

The heat is on To say the heat is on for ‘brand name Chefs’ all over the USA is like saying we have an unpopular President. Awash with the recent wave of sexual harassment/ sexual abuse claims it’s only logical that a couple chef’s would fall victim to the storm. Still, I have been taken […]

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Fresh herbs and veggies

Cooking With Chef Sian: Caribbean Herbs & Spices

Caribbean Herbs and Spices (the essential list) Be warned. This will be gonna be along ever evolving list. Once upon a time, some years ago I had an epiphany. Cultural cuisine is define by taste and technique. Not exactly a life changing revelation but a significant one nonetheless. I mean chicken is chicken in any […]

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