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Sian is a Jamaican-born American bred chef whose life has always revolved around food.
During her younger years spending time with her father meant time in the kitchen. After migrating to the United States as a child, food became her antidote for homesickness. Whether she was planting potato, tomato, and other crops in the backyard or fermenting grapes in the basement canning closet Sian was happiest when food was involved. A Betty Crocker cookbook and years of illicit Food & Wine Magazine subscriptions became her guide. After a few years of fast-food restaurant work, Sian ‘ran away’ to Miami at the ripe age of 20. Much of her next 8 years was spent working alongside several future James Beard award winners.

After years of food service and other work, Sian decided to pursue self-employment in 2014. Since then, she has launched a food service company, fed many thousands, published a 154-page Caribbean recipe book, appeared on The Food Network, won a couple awards, penned a column for The Miami Times, and contributed to other publications. Sian has also worked with global brands like Grace Foods and Sysco on marketing and Brand Ambassador projects. In late 2020 Sian’s Kitchen was born.

Citing her own startup challenges, in 2023 Sian launched an initiative to establish a culinary incubator in Harrisburg PA. This ambitious project will offer much needed resources like a commercial kitchen space, professional development, and culinary workshops to the Allison Hill neighborhood. The goal is to bring the services of established organizations like SCORE and the SBA to residents of the community.

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