Caribbean ‘Jamaican’ Black Cake Recipe

If you know anything at all about English Caribbean cultural cuisine you already know that Black Cake is our official Christmas Cake.  If you didn’t know before know now that a Caribbean Christmas dinner invite will almost certainly net you a slice of the most alcoholic cake you will ever eat.  Even though this rich treat can be found in some variety across the Caribbean, it is most closely identified with Jamaica and Jamaicans. Hence the name ‘Jamaican Black Cake’  sliced Jamaican black cakeA cousin of the British Plum Pudding this decadent, expensive treat is made using an array of wine-soaked dried fruits, eggs, butter, brown sugar and other natural ingredients. As with all recipes there are slight variations across cultures but the base ingredients and the preparations are almost identical. After baking the cake is ‘wined’ (I opt for a combo of wine and premium overproof rum) with another helping or 2 of port wine, before serving.  This means that you  MUST bake your  cake at least a few days before Christmas to allow proper time for ‘wining’ Some folks opt for icing/ frosting the cake. Other enjoy it as is.

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If you are not an experienced baker, this is not a cake for experiments.  It requires a good deal of costly ingredients, time and technique.

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2 thoughts on “Caribbean ‘Jamaican’ Black Cake Recipe

  1. I would like to know is you can share a icing recipe for fruitcake.
    Thank you

    1. Hello Patricia. The recipe I use for Royal Icing is only published inside my cookbook Nyammings: 88 Authentic Caribbean Recipes. The book can be found in print and E-book form on

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