Caribbean Soups

Soups are a fundamental part of the Caribbean diet like sandwiches are part of the American lunch. In most Jamaica households soup is served religiously for supper on Saturdays. There are a few variations of soups throughout the Caribbean. West Indian islanders like their soups made with a main protein, loads of vegetables, roots foods, dumplings and finished with fresh herbs and spices. In the Spanish Caribbean Soups fall somewhere between the American broth and the English Caribbean stew. Hondurans add tomato paste and cabbage. Cubans opt for a herb infused broth with chunks of protein, potatoes and pasta. The various cultures and their methods are examined in this category. beef soup cooking over a wooden fire

Red Peas Soup Recipe

What’s in a Name? The ‘red peas’ in the name refers to red kidney beans that give the soup its signature color. We call most beans peas. It’s a Jamaican thing. Traditionally a hearty portion of dried kidney beans are slow cooked with fresh herb and cured meat until the meat and beans are tender. Common …

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Mannish Water – Goat Soup Recipe

If I had to choose a favorite soup, mannish water would undoubtedly be the one. Not for the faint of heart. The main ingredients in this reputed aphrodisiac are goat’s head, tripe and testicles. Yes! You read that correctly. A male goat is required to make authentic Jamaican mannish water. If you’re not an adventurous …

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