Sian’s Cooking 

came to life in 2008. Fueled by a passion for food and the desire to be a successful entrepreneur Sian used her rent money to pay the deposit on what would become her 1st shot at entrepreneurship. That first venture began as What’s Cooking Authentic Caribbean Cuisine

In the years since

then the cookshop has closed. What’s Cooking has evolved into a custom catering and food demo service now called Sian’s Cooking. From the beginning the company has placed emphasis on Caribbean food and culture. Sian’s first cookbook is titled Nyammings: 88 Authentic Caribbean Recipes  In 2018 the company launched its first retail product.  The Sweet Spice dessert blend is a mix of allspice, ginger and other spices typically used to prepare desserts and other sweet dishes.

Custom catering means that

we work with each client to design a menu specifically suited to the event. Be it an intimate dinner for 2 or a corporate demo for 2,000 we’ve got you covered. We have catered countless private, corporate, and government functions.  As a culinary consultant Sian has hosted dozens of in-store demos, facilitated corporate exhibits, and written for numerous publications. The best part about Sian’s Cooking is that it can be enjoyed where ever you are, regardless of your budget. But this isn’t the place for that.
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In Her Own Words…

As a child, spending weekends with my father, a chef and restaurateur meant countless weekends in the kitchen, trekking to the market, or awaiting the fisherman at the seaside.

A couple of weeks after my 10th birthday I moved to the USA and a never-ending case of homesickness set in.  Lucky for me my mother settled us in the PA suburbs with a nice-sized backyard that had quite a few fruit bearing trees. I found salvation. Combine the backyard, mommy’s Food & Wine subscription + a couple Betty Crocker cookbooks and a canning closet in the basement. I carved out my own little slice of heaven. Grapes were fermented in my attempts at winemaking, strawberries and pears and cherries preserved. Nut, fresh mint, tomatoes, squash and countless other produce were cooked and pickled.

As the years progressed so did my love of food. At the ripe old age of 20 I ‘ran away’ to Miami and began my first cook job soon after. One day a supervisor asked me to prepare a batch of polenta. As I read over the recipe I realized that polenta was the same turned cornmeal we reserved for the dogs (in times of affluence and for supper at leaner times) back home in Jamaica. It was my AHA moment. I knew I was destined to become a chef.

Following a 7½ year Miami sojourn I  returned to my childhood home determined to be a successful mother and entrepreneur. In late 2008  Sian’s Cooking came to life.