Pumpkin Rice Recipe

Pumpkin rice is such a popular Jamaican, it has carved out its own identity  among the ‘seasoned rice’ set. To churn out a good batch of pumpkin rice is to end up with something akin to a nice risotto.  A good version of this rich creamy flavor filled rice dish requires only a ‘dry’ pumpkin and a few other staple ingredients. Pumpkin (aka calabaza squash) does not refer to the North American version. This pumpkin comes in many shapes and sizes. It is hard to give directions on picking the perfect pumpkin but you can substitute butternut squash for a good pumpkin.  As for a recipe. The main 2 ingredients in this… Read More

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rice and peas Jamaican style

Rice & Peas Recipe, Jamaican Style

Jamaican style Rice & Peas is arguably the most popular version of this staple Caribbean dish. Flavored with coconut milk and herbs, this tasty dish has spawned countless imitations. Rice & peas is a must at Jamaican celebrations and holiday tables.  Two of the things I do not miss about my Jamaican childhood are stoking a coal pot or a wood fire for hours, usually on a Saturday afternoon, to cook the peas for Sunday’s Rice and Peas, and grating coconut for milk to boil said rice and peas.  Such is the life of a ‘poor’ Jamaican country gal.  Thankfully coconut milk is now only as far as the nearest grocery… Read More

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