rice and black bean salad w stew chicken

Rice & Black Bean Salad Recipe

It always surprises me how much children, even young ones enjoy this Rice and Black Bean Salad. I suspect that the bright colors has something to do with it. My own variation on the very popular Spanish dish, frijoles negro y arroz. The recipe came about when I had leftovers from a catered event and needed to use it lest it perish. This super easy to make dish is a festive addition to any party. Or a flavorful side dish for dinner at home. Combine cooked rice with canned black beans and fresh-cut veggies and herbs and you’re done. The different textures and flavors of uncooked bell peppers, cilantro and… Read More

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Pumpkin Rice Recipe

Pumpkin rice is such a popular Jamaican, it has carved out its own identity  among the ‘seasoned rice’ set. To churn out a good batch of pumpkin rice is to end up with something akin to a nice risotto.  A good version of this rich creamy flavor filled rice dish requires only a ‘dry’ pumpkin and a few other staple ingredients. Pumpkin (aka calabaza squash) does not refer to the North American version. This pumpkin comes in many shapes and sizes. It is hard to give directions on picking the perfect pumpkin but you can substitute butternut squash for a good pumpkin. As for a recipe. The main 2 ingredients in this… Read More

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Rice and peas with brown stew chicken and steamed vegetables

Rice & Peas Recipe, Jamaican Style

Two of the things I do not miss about my Jamaican childhood are stoking a coal pot or a wood fire for hours, usually on a Saturday afternoon, to cook the peas for Sunday’s Rice and Peas, and grating coconut for milk to boil said rice and peas.  Such is the life of a ‘poor’ Jamaican country gal.  Thankfully coconut milk is now only as far as the nearest grocery store and outdoor cooking is now a perk of my trade not a part of my daily life. Few dishes are as closely identified with Jamaican cuisine as rice and peas.   Even though there are several variations of Rice &… Read More

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