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Jerk Salmon Recipe

This jerk salmon recipe has become one of my favorite go to for quick easy meals or for showing off when entertaining guests. It takes only a few ingredients and about 30 minutes, including prep time to get this delicious dish ready. Salmon is one of the easiest fish to find in US grocery stores. […]

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Chef Sian’s Irish Moss Drink Recipe

This Irish moss drink recipe makes a tasty, rich, nutrition packed Jamaican beverage that can be flavored with peanut, vanilla. or enjoyed as is.  To make the following  Irish moss  recipe you must  boil red seaweed to make a thick liquid called carrageenan. The liquid is then strained  and  cooled before it is blended with […]

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Green banana porridge

Green Banana Porridge

Cornmeal, oatmeal, peanut, banana porridge, it doesn’t matter which one. I love porridge. At home or on the road porridge features heavily on Jamaican breakfast menus. For some a bowl or mug of this sweet, warm, nutritious goodness with a couple slices of buttered hardough bread or a few crackers is all it takes to get […]

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Green Banana Dumplings Recipe

Is Green Banana dumpling a Jamaican/ Caribbean food? Maybe it’s a ‘country ting’ a description reserved for things found only in the Jamaican countryside. I have no idea. All I know is that one of my favourite relative would make such a delicious meal of brown stewed fish with green banana dumplings that I would request […]

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Green Bananas, A Favorite Caribbean Staple

Bananas have the distinction of being both a fruit and a vegetable. Green bananas are considered a vegetable. In Caribbean cuisine green bananas are used to make a variety of dishes including salads, pies, porridge, and dumpling. They can also be ground into flour. Or you can simply boil and eat them as is. Boiled green bananas are […]

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