spice bun with avocado and cheese

Jamaican Spice Bun Recipe

Any self-respecting Jamaican will tell you that Easter is not complete without a Jamaican Spice Bun in the house. I’ve known more than a couple ital loving Rasta who made an exception for a bite of bun.  Not to be confused with the other bun (a Jamaican synonym for cheating on your mate) this tasty addictive bun is a sweet dense spice cake flavored with baking spices, candied fruits and brown sugar. Spice Bun can be made using yeast or Dragon Stout for leavening. If you cannot locate Dragon Stout where you live an original Guinness stout makes a good substitute. Even though this sweet Jamaican snack is enjoyed in abundance… Read More

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Pumpkin Rice Recipe

Pumpkin rice is such a popular Jamaican, it has carved out its own identity  among the ‘seasoned rice’ set. To churn out a good batch of pumpkin rice is to end up with something akin to a nice risotto.  A good version of this rich creamy flavor filled rice dish requires only a ‘dry’ pumpkin and a few other staple ingredients. Pumpkin (aka calabaza squash) does not refer to the North American version. This pumpkin comes in many shapes and sizes. It is hard to give directions on picking the perfect pumpkin but you can substitute butternut squash for a good pumpkin.  As for a recipe. The main 2 ingredients in this… Read More

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frying dumplings

Fried Dumplings Recipe

If  Ackee & Saltfish is Jamaica’s national dish then fried dumplings ought to be our national side dish. Fried dumplings and festivals (a sweet fried cornmeal dumpling) are commonly served alongside so many entrees it might be easier to list the ones that it doesn’t accompany. These little fried biscuits are quick, super easy to make and very addictive so, eat cautiously. A complete fried dumpling recipe is below. Fried dumplings in various flavors and forms are popular throughout the Caribbean.  There’s fried bake, pholourie and several others. Dumplings are served in private homes, at street side stalls, and in casual dining restaurants all over the islands.  Still Jamaican fried dumplings are… Read More

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Cooking with Chef Sian: Comforts of Home Cooking

Comforts of Home What is it about a stack of pancakes that always evokes yearnings for the comforts of home? Surely I’m not the only one who feels this way? Do you have a favorite comfort food? A few mornings ago I set out to indulge a pancake craving. As I gathered my 7 ingredients and combined and mixed and fried/ cooked I got to reminiscing. My mind strayed back to Mrs. Smith’s Home Economics class where I first learned this recipe almost 30 years ago. She also imparted a Mac & Cheese recipe that year but I prefer to eat the stuff than to make it so I never… Read More

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Caribbean ‘Jamaican’ Black Cake Recipe

If you know anything at all about English Caribbean cultural cuisine you already know that Black Cake is our official Christmas Cake.  If you didn’t know before know now that a Caribbean Christmas dinner invite will almost certainly net you a slice of the most alcoholic cake you will ever eat.  Even though this rich treat can be found in some variety across the Caribbean, it is most closely identified with Jamaica and Jamaicans. Hence the name ‘Jamaican Black Cake’  A cousin of the British Plum Pudding this decadent, expensive treat is made using an array of wine-soaked dried fruits, eggs, butter, brown sugar and other natural ingredients. As with all recipes… Read More

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