Cooking with Chef Sian: Comforts of Home Cooking

Comforts of Home What is it about a stack of pancakes that always evokes yearnings for the comforts of home? Surely I’m not the only one who feels this way? Do you have a favorite comfort food? A few mornings ago I set out to indulge a pancake craving. As I gathered my 7 ingredients and combined and mixed and fried/ cooked I got to reminiscing. My mind strayed back to Mrs. Smith’s Home Economics class where I first learned this recipe almost 30 years ago. She also imparted a Mac & Cheese recipe that year but I prefer to eat the stuff than to make it so I never… Read More

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Green Banana Porridge

Green Banana Porridge Recipe

At home or abroad porridge is heavily featured on Jamaican breakfast menus. Cornmeal, oatmeal, peanut, banana porridge or hominy we love them all. For some a bowl or mug of this warm sweet nutritious goodness with a couple slices of buttered hardough bread or a few Excelsior hard crackers is all it takes to get through the morning. For others porridge is the starter ‘a likkle something to clear your stomach’ before a hearty mid morning meal. Green bananas are used by Caribbean cooks to make dumplings, porridge, chips or boiled with other foods. Grating green bananas to make porridge is just of the many ways we use this staple Caribbean food.… Read More

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Green Banana Dumplings Recipe

Is Green Banana dumpling a Jamaican/ Caribbean food? Maybe it’s a ‘country ting’ a description reserved for things found only in the Jamaican countryside. I have no idea. All I know is that one of my favourite relative would make such a delicious meal of brown stewed fish with green banana dumplings that I would request it before visiting her house. Green bananas are as much a part of Caribbean cuisine as boiled dumplings are. Combine the 2 and you have a guaranteed winner. A recent question from a blog reader prompted me to post a recipe. To satisfy my cravings, I eventually began making my own dumplings and fish but the… Read More

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Green Bananas, A Favorite Caribbean Staple

Bananas have the distinction of being both a fruit and a vegetable. Green bananas are considered a vegetable. They are a staple ingredient in African, Polynesian, Asian, Spanish, and Caribbean cuisine.  Ripe bananas are a fruit that’s familiar to just about everyone on planet earth. In Caribbean cuisine green bananas are used to make a variety of dishes including salads, pies, porridge, and dumpling. They are also know by other names Figs in Trinidad and guineos in Spanish culture.  They can also be ground into flour. Or you can simply boil and eat them as is. In the Caribbean, boiled green bananas are commonly served with fish and meat dishes.   Ripe bananas… Read More

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Jamaican chocolate tea

Jamaican Hot Chocolate Tea) Recipe

Ok My favorite part of drinking a cup of authentic Jamaican Chocolate Tea is  the crunchy little bits of cocoa nut that settles in the bottom of the cup. I am not a chocolate lover by any stretch of the imagination. Still, there is something irresistibly decadent about sipping on a cup of steaming hot rich, creamy, chocolate tea fresh from the stove. Sweeten this chocolate delight  with condensed milk and a dash of cinnamon, ginger or Sian’s Cooking sweet spice  for a burst of added flavor.   Made from ground ripe cocoa beans. Jamaican chocolate is 100% natural. The beans are ground and then shaped into sticks or balls. Outside the… Read More

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