Red Peas Soup Recipe

What’s in a Name? The ‘red peas’ in the name refers to red kidney beans that give the soup its signature color. We call most beans peas. It’s a Jamaican thing. Traditionally a hearty portion of dried kidney beans are slow cooked with fresh herb and cured meat until the meat and beans are tender. Common meats include pig tails, corned beef and my personal favorite smoked turkey necks. PLAYING FAVORITES If ever there was a favorite Jamaican soup, Red Peas would be the one. This thick rich hearty soup is traditionally made with lots of red kidney beans and salted pig tails then finished with vegetables, dumplings and ground provisions.… Read More

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stewed goat meat

Stewed Goat Meat Recipe

This stewed goat meat recipe first happened when my mother decided to cook goat meat for a birthday party ( Curry goat is a must at Caribbean ‘get togethers) and realized too late that she had no curry. The results were so delicious I set about recreating the dish so I could create a recipe. It took a couple tries but finally I was satisfied. If you are familiar with curry goat you will notice that this dish has a similar flavor. The main difference between the seasonings in this recipe and curry is the absence of tumeric. Serve this stewed goat meat with rice, rice and peas or roasted… Read More

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