Sundays, Brunch, and the Value of Good Company in a Pandemic

I think one of my favorite things about brunch is the feeling of community. 

There’s nothing in the definition of brunch that says it has to be a communal affair but, it’s just assumed isn’t it? You plan ahead for a weekend afternoon, usually after a night of drinking and/or partying, with friends or family. Sometimes you have a mimosa, or a Bloody Mary, and sometimes you just have orange juice or coffee. What about the food? Maybe you like to keep things light. Taking the super simple, continental breakfast route and opt for pastries and produce? Maybe you’re more indulgent. You know, something rich and saucy like a Benedict topped with hollandaise sauce. Or do you prefer ‘real food’ like homemade waffles with real maple syrup.

Whatever is on the menu, the most important thing about Sunday brunch is usually spending time around a table with good company, a lot of laughs, and a feeling of easy contentment. During this past year of intense isolation, that sense of community has felt out of reach.

This is why I’m so happy to announce that Sian’s Caribbean Kitchen is now offering a weekly Sunday brunch buffet at 1202 Market Street in Harrisburg. Every Sunday, you can expect a rotating selection of Caribbean favourites such as oxtail, Ackee & Saltfish, griot with pikliz, rice and peas, fried bake, assorted pastries, and sparkling rum punch. Whatever you like to eat, and drink there is always something for everyone. For just $25, you can join us for all-you-can-eat fun with good music, good food, and good company in a relaxed open air setting. 

Reserve Seats Here

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