Nyammings: 88 Authentic Caribbean Recipes


Nyammings is a collection of 88 authentic Caribbean recipes. Compiled and tested by Chef, Sian Rose. Each recipe was carefully selected from hundreds of recipes collected over 25 years of cooking and travelling.  Loaded with hundreds of full color pictures and step by step instructions for each recipe, you’ll be cooking up your own Caribbean feast in no time. Whether you’re a curious cook or a seasoned professional Nyammings has something for you

Each easy to follow recipe has been simplified to incorporate modern cooking techniques while maintaining the authentic flavors of the Caribbean. Islanders at home or abroad will transported by dishes like Black Cake, Saltfish (baccala), Pepperpot, Tostones, Conch Chowder and Jerk Chicken. + dozens of other recipes from the kitchen of Chef Sian Rose.

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