Jamaican Chicken Patty

Jamaican Beef (or chicken) Patty Recipe

Jamaican beef patties are an enduringly popular lunch staples back home. These savory meat-filled hand-pies are traditionally made from seasoned ground meat (traditionally beef) baked inside a thin, flaky, turmeric-tinged crust. The crisp flaky yellow crust is a signature feature of Jamaican patties.Over the last couple decades the flavors have evolved to include chicken, curry …

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frying dumplings

Fried Dumpling Recipe

If Ackee & Saltfish is Jamaica’s national dish then fried dumplings ought to be our national side dish. Fried dumplings and festivals (a sweet fried cornmeal dumpling) are commonly served alongside so many entrees it might be easier to list the ones that it doesn’t accompany.

Cooking With Chef Sian: Savouring The Flavors Jamaica

To some a night out savoring the flavors of Jamaica at the prestigious James Beard House  in New York could be considered downright patriotic. Driving 300 miles round trip for dinner might seem a tad extreme to others.  For this Caribbean Chef/ Writer attending such a unique event at this American culinary institution seemed almost like a …

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