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My name is Sian (see-Ann) and I’m a food addict.
No. I am not exaggerating.
You see, as a kid, having a professional Chef for a father meant countless weekends in the kitchen, trekking to the market or awaiting the fisherman at the seaside. Then a couple weeks after my 10th birthday I moved to the USA and a never ending case of homesickness set in.  Lucky for me my mother settled us in the PA suburbs with a nice-sized backyard that had quite a few fruit trees. I found salvation. Combine the backyard, mommy’s Food & Wine subscription + a couple Betty Crocker cookbooks and a canning closet in the basement. I carved out my own little slice of heaven. Grapes were fermented in my attempts at winemaking, strawberries and pears and cherries preserved. Nut, fresh mint, tomatoes, squash and countless other produce they were my escape.

Following a 7½ year Miami sojourn Sian’s Cooking came to life in 2008. Today, what started as a neighborhood take-out cafe is now a South-Florida based Catering & food production company. Since then I have become a published author, competed on The Food Network and picked up a couple awards for my efforts along the way. My first cookbook Nyammings: 88 Authentic Caribbean Recipes was published August 2014 and a follow-up is well underway.  My work has appeared in The Miami Times, Jamaican Eats magazine, Cooking Sense, The Jamaica Gleaner and other publications.

I hope you will take a few moments more to look around, try a new recipe or check out the online store.

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