Fried Dumplings Recipe

an easy video tutorial on how to make these sensational quick biscuits

If  Ackee & Saltfish is Jamaica’s national dish then fried dumplings ought to be our national side dish. Fried dumplings and festivals (a sweet fried cornmeal dumpling) are commonly served alongside so many entrees it might be easier to list the ones that it doesn’t accompany. These little fried biscuits are quick, super easy to make and very addictive so, eat cautiously. A complete fried dumpling recipe is below.

Fried dumplings served w/ Ackee & Saltfish and Steamed Cabbage.
Fried dumplings served w/ Ackee & Saltfish and Steamed Cabbage.

Fried dumplings in various flavors and forms are popular throughout the Caribbean.  There’s fried bake, pholourie and several others. Dumplings are served in private homes, at street side stalls, and in casual dining restaurants all over the islands.  Still Jamaican fried dumplings are arguably the most popular version of this irresistibly delicious, very easy to make quick bread. Where ever Jamaican cuisine is sold, you will find fried dumplings on the menu. They are usually as an ala carte item or served with spicy meat dishes like jerk chicken or pork.

dry ingredients for fry dumplings

Flour, baking powder and salt mixed with cold water is all you need to make a batch of tasty fried dumplings. For added texture and flavor, I almost always add a bit of cornmeal (1tsp ea. per cup of flour) to the mix.
mixing dough for dumplings

When using this or any other fried dumpling recipe… use a mixture of ½ milk ½ water to make dough for lighter crispier dumplings. If you are using a packaged mix follow the instructions on the pack for best results.
Kneaded dumpling dough

A soft dry dough is your goal every time. Soft enough to pull easily but dry enough that it doesn’t stick to your hands when you hold it.
frying dumplings

Fried dumplings and festival have become so popular that several reputable Caribbean food companies now sell their own version of this tasty treat in mix form. You can find fried dumpling and festival mixes in local stores where Caribbean foods are sold or purchase from online retailers including 

I have used the Grace Johnny Cake mix a few times and found it a bit salty but the texture is excellent. If you’re using this mix I suggest you add at least ½ C. of flour and ½ tsp of baking powder to stretch the mix and reduce the salt/ flour ratio.


Steamed Callaloo with fried ripe plantain and fried dumplings
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