Comforts of Home

What is it about a stack of pancakes that always evokes yearnings for the comforts of home?
Surely I’m not the only one who feels this way?
Do you have a favorite comfort food?

pancakes and eggs
To make these 6 pancakes you will need 1 C. Flour, 1 TB sugar, 1 lg egg, 1 tsp Sweet Spice or cinnamon, 3/4 C. milk, 1½ tsp baking powder, and a dash of salt is all it takes to make these light homemade pancakes. The topping was made by simmering an apple and a few strawberries with 2 TB of brown sugar and a generous sprinkling of Sweet Spice.

A few mornings ago I set out to indulge a pancake craving. As I gathered my 7 ingredients and combined and mixed and fried/ cooked I got to reminiscing. My mind strayed back to Mrs. Smith’s Home Economics class where I first learned this recipe almost 30 years ago. She also imparted a Mac & Cheese recipe that year but I prefer to eat the stuff than to make it so I never bothered about remembering that one.

comforts of home pancakes

Mac & cheese would surely show up on any list ‘Top 5 Comfort Food’ list but, I can never bring myself to put that much cheese on pasta and serve it so I try my best to avoid cooking it at all times. Still, every so often I encounter that 1 unrelenting customer who insists on a helping of Mac & cheese so I give in. I have however consumed more than my fair share of the cheesy stuff. Kraft, Velveeta, and endless homemade varieties, you name it I’ve indulged. So, by the time my mind got to comfort food #2 I was thinking about the one I’d had with sour cream in the mix and the extra cheesy kind with lots of cheddar and crispy corner galore.


Mac and cheese
Mac & Cheese – a classic comfort food

Many of the world’s most recognized Chefs have achieved career acclaim by embracing the comforts of home. Comfort food is as varied as the faces it feeds. PB&J is to Americans what poutine is to Canadians or porridge to Jamaicans. Other foods like fried chicken get universal comfort food status.  And let’s not talk about the prevalence of fried chicken on just about every restaurant menu everywhere. When several customers chided me for not including a fried chicken recipe inside my first cookbook, I realized it was more than a Southern thing. Another food I can do without preparing but I would always use to bribe my son when I wanted something done.


fried chicken

Well, at this point in my memory walk turned top 5 list I realized that as much as I love Saltfish  Fritters and porridge maybe they didn’t belong on this list. So I put a little more though into it. What else would I put on a Top 5 ‘comforts of home’ food list? Top 5? According to whom?
I think I will leave the demographics to the readers and the SEO elves.
And that led me to #4

Of course!  Sure it’s not really French and the Brits call them chips and KFC calls the wedges but, who doesn’t love fried potatoes?  French fries accompany fried chicken, burgers and so much more.  Home fries and has browns are the breakfast alternative. They’ve outgrown their humble white potato roots. Nowadays you can find yuca (cassava) and sweet potato and other fries in the freezer section of your local grocery store or make your own at home.


french fries

By the time I got to no. 5 my head was swimming with thoughts of #6 but,  I had set my limit and 5 was what it was going to be. I knew that if I changed my mind I might never finish this post. Maybe I got the list backwards and this should have been #1 I mean  burgers are everywhere. From McDonald’s to Michelin starred restaurants almost all restaurant menus feature some sort of burger. In recent years some of the premier US chefs and restaurateurs have expanded their portfolios to include to burger joints designed to suit every class and budget


Burger slider w/ foie gras mayo
Marcus Samuelsson’s Burger slider w/ foie gras mayo

Whatever way you count it I can’t imagine a top 5 list of this sort without a burger. As much as I shun meat, much like the other foods on this list, every once I get to thinking about a juicy tender fresh grilled burger piled with cheese and loads of fresh fixing and then I just have to give in.
So tell me. Was your favorite on the list or no?

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