Rice Porridge Recipe

The only difference between this Jamaican rice porridge recipe and it’s cousin the more popular rice pudding is the consistency of the finished dish. Rice is one of the many varieties of porridge commonly served for breakfast in the Caribbean. Thick and sweet, rice porridge is laced with fragrant spices like nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla. …

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Cassava Pone Recipe

The first time I made cassava pone I was on a desperate quest to find recipes from other Caribbean nations beside Jamaica. You see, I was on the verge of finishing up up first cookbook Nyammings: 88 Authentic Caribbean Recipes. My research led me to this gluten free pudding like Trinidadian/ Guyanese confection. There are …

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Cooking With Chef Sian: Pass The Dutchie

“Pass The Dutchie” For a country gal like myself those words are more than just the title to a catchy reggae tune. They are words to live by.  Countless times I have heard and said  ‘pass the dutchie’ while on a quest to whip up something or another. As of this writing I own 5 …

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Mango- Cucumber Salsa

This Mango Cucumber Salsa recipe is the result of a foray into my collection of recipes and food pictures. This is most definitely one of the easiest recipes you will ever prepare. The sweetness of a ripe mango + bits of refreshing cucumber accented by sharp bites of onion and cilantro makes for a tasty …

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Cooking With Chef Sian: Cutting It Up

A Dicey Matter If you have ever seen a recipe and wondered, what the difference was between chopped and diced you should read this. The way you cut your foods before final preparation not only affects the final appearance of the dish. It can also have a great deal of impact on quantities used and …

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