Jamaican-style Patties

Jamaican Chicken Patty

Jamaican style patties is one of Jamaica’s most popular lunch staples. These meat-filled turnovers are traditionally made from seasoned ground meat (traditionally beef) baked inside a flaky turmeric-tinged crust. The thin, crisp, flaky, yellow crust is a signature feature of Jamaican patties. Think of Jamaican style patties are a softer, more moist cousin of the …

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Strawberry Preserves Recipe

Strawberry preserve

A Timeless Classic This strawberry preserves recipe is just like thousands of others on the www. A preserves recipe is one of the simplest recipes you can create. That makes it an ideal choice for beginner cooks, including yours truly once upon a time. That preserves happens to also be one of the sweetest, richest, …

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Sorrel- Rum Cake Recipe

Let’s forget for a minute that this sorrel- rum cake is the best cake I have ever baked. This decadently boozy treat was baked to celebrate my new mixer. Now don’t get me wrong. I’ve owned and burnt out plenty of mixers over the years. Hand mixers, stand mixers, no names, and brand names I’ve …

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