Mannish Water – Goat Soup Recipe

If I had to choose a favorite soup, mannish water would undoubtedly be the one. Not for the faint of heart. The main ingredients in this reputed aphrodisiac are goat’s head, tripe and testicles. Yes! You read that correctly. A male goat is required to make authentic Jamaican mannish water. If you’re not an adventurous eater you may want to by pass this one. If however you are a fan of adventurous culinarians like Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern this Jamaican delicacy is right up your alley. And. Aphrodisiac or not I love this soup. So much so that I have had relatives in Jamaica freeze my portion of mannish… Read More

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Braised Oxtails Recipe

I love braised oxtails with butter beans. Because I rarely eat red meat anymore, I don’t eat nearly as much of it as I used to but I still very much appreciate a plateful of sweet, succulent, well-cooked braised oxtail with Rice & Peas. In the Caribbean oxtail is used to prepare soups or stewed and served with other side items. In Jamaica we marinate the meat with aromatics like garlic and scallions and allspice. The meat is then braised before being cooked until it’s ready to fall from the bones. There are many other ways to prepare oxtails but my absolute favorite is the Jamaican way. The recipe below… Read More

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Rice and peas with brown stew chicken and steamed vegetables

Rice & Peas Recipe, Jamaican Style

Two of the things I do not miss about my Jamaican childhood are stoking a coal pot or a wood fire for hours, usually on a Saturday afternoon, to cook the peas for Sunday’s Rice and Peas, and grating coconut for milk to boil said rice and peas.  Such is the life of a ‘poor’ Jamaican country gal.  Thankfully coconut milk is now only as far as the nearest grocery store and outdoor cooking is now a perk of my trade not a part of my daily life. Few dishes are as closely identified with Jamaican cuisine as rice and peas.   Even though there are several variations of Rice &… Read More

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