Fried Chicken Recipe, Jamaican Style

I can’t begin to imagine the amount of fried chicken I have prepared over the course of my career. So much so that even as I racked my brain for recipes to include in my first cookbook Nyammings: 88 Authentic Caribbean Recipes, fried chicken never even crossed my mind. Frying chicken had became automatic. Besides, fried chicken is such a common food it never occurred to me that some folks might identify a particular preparation with one culture or another.  Then. About a month after I published the book, I asked for feedback on social media and was called out my a loyal customer for not putting a fried chicken… Read More

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Chef Noel's Jerk Marinade

Cooking with Chef Sian: Chef Noel’s Smoky Jamaican Jerk

When a Jamaican Chef decides to distribute his own jerk marinade, there is bound to be a little pressure. When he is one of Jamaica’s most popular chefs you know ‘the jerk’ better be good. smoky jerky? From the first moment I read the name of Chef Cunny’s Smoky Jamaican Jerk marinade I was intrigued.  According to the good chef I had a sample of his own “special blend smoky jerk marinade” awaiting me so you can understand my excitement. Being a Chef who specializes in cooking and writing about Caribbean cuisine I have seen and tried a whole lotta jerk seasonings in my time. And let me tell you, some of… Read More

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Jamaican style brown stew chicken

Brown Stew Chicken Recipe (Jamaican- style Chicken Fricassee)

Brown Stew Chicken also called Chicken fricassee, is a traditional Jamaican dish that can be found at almost every Jamaican restaurant on the island and  abroad. To make authentic Jamaican- style  brown stew chicken, preseasoned chicken is fried until brown and then cooked down with fresh herbs and veggies to make a thick rich gravy. Brown stew chicken is a Jamaican Sunday dinner staple that is most often served with rice & peas and a vegetable. There is a quicker easier version of this classic Jamaican dish that omits frying the chicken but that version lacks the rich authentic flavor that the original dish delivers. Either way you make it you… Read More

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Chicken Foot Soup Recipe

Another popular Jamaican Saturday soup and a personal favorite is Chicken Foot Soup. Chicken Foot Soup is one of those love it or leave it Jamaican delicacies that this Jamaican absolutely loooves. Besides the obvious presence of a few chicken feet there is really no difference between chicken foot soup and a bowl of traditional Jamaican chicken soup. Chicken Foot soup is one of those take it or leave it dishes but, I can assure you that if you that if you eat some good authentic Chicken Foot Soup you will be hooked. The ingredients in chicken foot soup as with most other Caribbean soups can be as varied as ones imagination so go ahead… Read More

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