steamed callaloo

Steamed Callaloo Recipe, Jamaican style

Side dish or entrée, Steamed Callaloo is a tasty, versatile green that is enjoyed in countless Jamaican homes all day everyday. Jamaican callaloo aka Amaranth (Not to be confused with Trinidadian callaloo (dasheen leaves) is a nutrition packed powerhouse that is heavily featured in Jamaican cuisine. Loaded with calcium, protein and other essential nutrients callaloo is especially prominent in the Rastafarian’s Ital diet. Callaloo can be cooked solo or combined with other vegetables or saltfish to make a tasty entrée. Steamed callaloo is similar to Spinach in flavor and nutritional value. Callaloo can be prepared any number of ways. It is one of the main ingredients in Pepperpot Soup. In Jamaica, callaloo is often served… Read More

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Green Banana Porridge

Green Banana Porridge Recipe

At home or abroad porridge is heavily featured on Jamaican breakfast menus. Cornmeal, oatmeal, peanut, banana porridge or hominy we love them all. For some a bowl or mug of this warm sweet nutritious goodness with a couple slices of buttered hardough bread or a few Excelsior hard crackers is all it takes to get through the morning. For others porridge is the starter ‘a likkle something to clear your stomach’ before a hearty mid morning meal. Green bananas are used by Caribbean cooks to make dumplings, porridge, chips or boiled with other foods. Grating green bananas to make porridge is just of the many ways we use this staple Caribbean food.… Read More

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Peanut Porridge Recipe

The first time I tried peanut porridge I was strolling down Barrett Street. Near Spanish Town Hospital in Jamaica, in the early hours of the morning. I had heard  about the wonderful deliciousness of peanut porridge but, being that I’m not much of a peanut lover I never bothered to seek it out. As it were I was hungry and the first person I spotted was a ‘Porridge Man’  pushing his cart in my direction. Since my adventurous ways had already netted me an overnight stay in town I figured  ‘what’s 1 more adventure? One taste was all it took.  Before long I was seeking out fresh roasted peanuts and blending oats… Read More

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Cornmeal Porridge Recipe

Caribbean people looove porridge. Of the endless variations that we enjoy peanut, green banana, plantain, hominy and of course the world- renowned oatmeal top Jamaica’s list. But, ask a few Caribbean islander about their favorite porridge and I have little doubt the most popular answer you will hear is cornmeal. In Jamaica cornmeal porridge is usually served for breakfast solo or with a chunk of fresh bread. Not only is cornmeal porridge a delicious low fat inexpensive breakfast, the added milk makes it  a good source of calcium. Sweeten your porridge with coconut milk and honey for a healthier alternative to this hot delicious treat. Porridge is made by boiling processed grain… Read More

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Cornmeal Porridge

Jamaican Cornmeal Porridge Recipe

If you have never tried cornmeal porridge before you are definitely missing out. If you have you know what this hot, creamy, delicious goodness is all about.  Caribbean people love porridge. So much so that we’ve created or adapted endless variations including peanut, banana, plantain, and hominy. But, ask a few Caribbean islander what is their favorite porridge and I bet the most popular answer you will hear is cornmeal porridge.  Cornmeal and other porridge are usually served for breakfast solo, with crackers or with a chunk of fresh-baked bread. Not only is cornmeal porridge a delicious low-fat inexpensive breakfast, it is also a good source of calcium and other nutrients. Sweeten… Read More

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