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Originally started as a way to share my Miami Times column ‘Cooking With Chef Sian’  with my blog followers, the posts in this section is a chronicle of my various ongoing foodventures.

cut breadfruit

Cooking with Chef Sian: Breadfruit, the Superfood

Is breadfruit a superfood? What exactly is a ‘superfood’ and is breadfruit a superfood? Well. Let’s take a closer look at this perfect(ly) delicious, totally healthy, specimen called Breadfruit? Breadfruit can be cooked and eaten at all stages of growth; from small and immature, when it is similar to artichoke hearts; to starchy mature; to […]

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Cooking with Chef Sian – Where do You get Your Soul Food?

What’s Cooking Over the last few weeks I have alluded to the fact that I write a column, “Cooking with Chef Sian” for The Miami Times. The Times is a weekly publication that is available throughout Miami- Dade county and online. The column began publication on January 8 but, it took me a few weeks to […]

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Saltfish and cabbage

Saltfish/ Baccala

Saltfish is a staple of the Caribbean and Latino diet. Saltfish originated in Newfoundland some 500+ years ago. Salting and air drying fish and other meats was a way of life for people around the world then. Saltfish found its way to the Caribbean during the Triangular Trade at the dawn of the 18th Century.  Today […]

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