Cooking With Chef Sian: Cutting It Up

A Dicey Matter If you have ever seen a recipe and wondered, what the difference was between chopped and diced you should read this. The way you cut your foods before final preparation not only affects the final appearance of the dish. It can also have a great deal of impact on quantities used and the finished flavor of your dish. The smaller your cut the more  your vessel holds.  Tastefull Speaking As an inexperienced cook, one of the thing I used to wonder is, does it matter how I chop it as long as I use the right amount?  Well, imagine biting into  something like the conch salad pictured below… Read More

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Fresh herbs and veggies

Cooking With Chef Sian: Caribbean Herbs & Spices

Caribbean Herbs and Spices (the essential list) Be warned. This will be gonna be along ever evolving list. Once upon a time, some years ago I had an epiphany. Cultural cuisine is define by taste and technique. Not exactly a life changing revelation but a significant one nonetheless. I mean chicken is chicken in any country. But add some curry or a little masala and you’ve suddenly embarked on a culinary journey. The flavors in authentic Caribbean cuisine comes from the use of fresh produce, herbs and spices. Following is a list of essentials for any Caribbean cook.  Regardless of where in the world you are many of the ingredients… Read More

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Saltfish and cabbage

Saltfish/ Baccala

Saltfish is a staple of the Caribbean and Latino diet. Saltfish originated in Newfoundland some 500+ years ago. Salting and air drying fish and other meats was a way of life for people around the world then. Saltfish found its way to the Caribbean during the Triangular Trade at the dawn of the 18th Century.  Today you will find countless saltfish recipes throughout the Spanish and English speaking Caribbean. Popular Caribbean saltfish dishes include Saltfish Buljol from Trinidad, Cook-up Saltfish from Jamaica and the ever popular Fritters. Though cod fish is most often used to make saltfish any meaty white fish (pollock, snapper and shark, etc.) can be salt cured and dried to… Read More

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