Green Bananas, A Favorite Caribbean Staple

Bananas have the distinction of being both a fruit and a vegetable. Green bananas are considered a vegetable. In Caribbean cuisine green bananas are used to make a variety of dishes including salads, pies, porridge, and dumpling. They can also be ground into flour. Or you can simply boil and eat them as is. Boiled green bananas are commonly served with fish and meat dishes.

Green bananas are a Caribbean staple that used used to creative a wide variety of dishes including dumplings, porridge and desserts.

Ripe bananas are considered a fruit. They are eaten as is, used to make puddings, pies, and one of the world’s most popular breads for  just to name a few. Both green and ripe bananas are low in calories and fat and are a great source of potassium, fiber and vitamin C and B. Banana export is a large part of the Caribbean economy, accounting for more than half billion dollars in annual trade across several Caribbean nations.  In Dominica the banana industry, with some 7,000 banana farmers, is the second largest employer, behind the government.

banana dumplings are just one of the many creative ways that Caribbean islanders incorporate green bananas into their cuisine.
Green banana can be cut into chunks and fried or sliced into thin slices and made into chips. Banana chips are a favourite snacks throughout the Caribbean. They can be purchased at stores where Hispanic and Caribbean foods are sold.

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2 thoughts on “Green Bananas, A Favorite Caribbean Staple

  1. […] Green bananas are used by Caribbean cooks in a variety of ways. Grating them to make porridge is just 1. Making this Jamaican favorite is just as easy as making most other porridge. The hardest past is peeling and grating the green bananas. If you are not a fan of mutilated fingers or if you don’t own a grater a food processor makes a perfect substitute.  […]
  2. […] Green bananas are as much a part of Caribbean cuisine as boiled dumplings are. Combine the 2 and you have a guaranteed winner. A recent question from a blog reader prompted me to post a recipe. To satisfy my cravings, I eventually began making my own dumplings and fish but the memory lives on. The recipe is below. […]

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